“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” goes a saying. It is important for every individual to take a break from their hectic routine and chill, relax, explore the real world. One finds it difficult to plan a vacation as it is not an easy job to be done. Although there are number of tourist guides and planners available, one does not get the real satisfaction and excitement they feel when they plan their tour themselves. Here are few tips one should keep in mind while planning a vacation or a tour.

Deciding The Destination For The Vacation
First and foremost one needs to decide the place which he/she wishes to travel for the holiday. Destinations can be chosen depending on the mood of the vacation .For instance if it is planned by a newly married couple, romantic destinations are preferable. Similarly one also chooses places so as to escape or skip the scorching summer in their geographical area. So as a whole deciding the destination plays a vital role as its the base for the trip. Ideas for deciding the place can be got by surfing through the net, discussions, etc.

Pre- Requisites For A Holiday
It is advisable to plan a trip well before hand. Initially once a place is decided book your transportation tickets. So while booking a ticket online, ensure that the websites are trustworthy and reputed. Provide clear details of the various dates of the arrivals and departures. After booking the tickets it is important to book an ideal hotel or resort in your destination which makes your stay peaceful. It should be chosen by looking into various aspects like hospitality, food, WiFi facility, ratings, reviews, affordability, cleanliness, transportation, etc. One needs to look into the time of the year he/she will be visiting the place as one of the aspects, since the seasons could be rainy, places could be crowded, places could be less attractive like the flowering seasons in case of botanical gardens may differ with time. Also equip yourself with a travel first aid kit and medications you take as it seems useful in case of any medical emergency. At unfortunate cases, avail a travel insurance instead of ready cash to meet the losses which occur due to medical emergencies, ticket cancellation fee, lost cash or valuables, luggage misplaced etc.

Do’s And Dont’s In A Vacation:
· Rent a scooter or any two-wheeler for that matter, as one can roam freely according to the individual’s wish and explore many places peacefully.
· Visit different restaurants as possible and try out various cuisines.
· Try out adventurous sporting activities.
· Click pictures to cherish them forever.
· Look into as many places as possible.
· A good and reliable tourist guide is always a must. In case of language barriers, hire a translator. It is more helpful when the guide/translator belongs to that particular native.
· File in all your bills and vouchers to verify and manage the accounts after vacation.
· Ensure that you take appropriate sanitary products, lotions, sunscreens, tissues, umbrellas, sweaters and other necessary items required for personal use.
· Do not violate or disregard the rules of the place you visit. Respect the customs and traditions of the city/country, keep the place clean and maintain cordial relationship with the people you meet there.

A good vacation is one which makes an individual ponder and cherish its memories for the entire lifetime. It helps you gain experiences which are valuable and life changing. It helps you relax, refresh yourself and renew your energy and strength to carry on your day-to-day chores lively.

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