Looking for different ways to spice up your married life? A romantic getaway to a remote island is the perfect solution. Your life partner will be surprised by this thoughtful gesture and will fall in love with you all over again. Many couples find that they get into a rut after a few years of marriage. It is necessary to find different ways to keep the light flaming in any marriage if you plan on staying married for the rest of your life. Planning a surprise romantic getaway will surely take both of you back to the days when you were newlyweds.

Id you are looking for alluring islands to plan your romantic holiday to, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the top romantic island getaways all over the world:

  • Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean
    The beautiful seascapes of the Virgin Gorda island makes it the number one island to visit in the Caribbean. Take long walks along the beach and enjoy the sunset with your partner as you discover each other and fall in love all over again. The Devil’s Bay is a famous tourist spot for lovers who visit this beautiful island. Don’t forget to visit Summit Gorda’s Peak as well to get some beautiful pictures with magnificent backgrounds.
  • The Ionian Islands
    The Ionian Islands are the perfect choice for a couple who has difficulty in finding a single location for their romantic getaway. With six different locales to choose from, you can plan out an itinerary that covers all the locales and gives you a peek into different non-commercialized spots. Visitors to these islands are often mesmerized by the amount of greenery and picture perfect locales it offers.
  • St. Bart’s in the Caribbean
    If you are looking for a more upscale romantic island getaway, the St. Bart’s in the Caribbean is the perfect choice. The uncrowded 22 beaches on this island is perfect for popping the question and surprising your beloved with a gorgeous ring from an online diamond jewellery store according to the experts at https://www.budgettravel.com/article/10-most-romantic-islands-in-the-world_48691.
  • Palawan in the Philippines
    If you don’t mind travelling a bit further, the Palawan Island in the Philippines is another excellent spot to plan your romantic rendezvous with your lover. This island is surrounded by the bluest water all around and is surprisingly void of any tourists, making it the perfect place to relax in and get to know your life partner all over again.

If you are still wondering whether or not to consider an island as the destination for your romantic getaway, consider the following factors:

  • No cars
    You won’t be kept awake at night with the incessant honking of vehicles all night. You will be able to indulge in all the secret fun that the dark cover of the night offers.
  • Snorkeling
    If you are a fan of water activities, snorkeling is right up your alley. You will get to see beautiful underwater life and even get a chance to swim with a turtle or two.
  • Local People
    Island people are the best people you will meet anywhere in the world. They are extremely friendly and love to talk to the visitors to their island. You will even get an invite to their homes for dinner if you are lucky enough.

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