Welcome to your dream holiday destination!

Prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime. Surround yourself with the unspoiled Caribbean, enjoy island life with warm greetings,
where everyone waves and smiles, and your always one of the family. Relax, re-energize and take home great memories.

Come and enjoy a relaxing vacation with a stay at Sunset Cove, boasting arguably the best sunsets on the island. For the more adventurous, have a go at our
on-site activities. Play in warm aqua coloured water that always looks like it is straight out of a holiday brochure.

Into kitesurfing??? Bring your own gear or rent ours for a day!

Explore the uninhabited island beaches in the sound by kayak or sail, for your own Robinson Crusoe experience.
Who knows you may even find Wilson from the film Cast Away!

Take the kids on a dream holiday. Use the map to search for the pirates treasure, feed our pet iguanas, relax while the little ones play in a safe environment.
On the beach or in the water, you can easily keep an eye on them from your hammock!

When it’s time to eat, why not ask Chef Ken to prepare you some delicious food! His skills in the kitchen are absolutely amazing!
Watch the sun go down and experience the night sky which, on a clear night, is a curtain of stars and totally breathtaking.

From the moment you arrive on Little Cayman, until the time you leave Sunset Cove, relax and let us take care of you.

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