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Driving a vehicle on unsurfaced roads made of sand, gravel, rocks, snow, mud and anything other than tar is Off-roading. It is done either for the thrill of it or sometimes drivers race against each other. Off-roading requires vehicles with special features like ground clearance, off-road tires and drive train. So to have the best off-roading experience visit your nearest Jeep Compass Dealer for advice and well as to schedule a test drive for the first-hand experience. – Click Here to know more about the offroad spots in the world.

Off-Roading Tips for Europe and India

There are some rules you ought to adhere to while off-roading on your own. A Jeep Compass Dealer will always educate you on these salient points for a safe and exciting experience.

  1. Always stay off all posted properties to avoid being hunted down for trespassing.
  2. Stay off swamps, dunes, national parks and coastlines.
  3. Do not damage tracks, which includes leaving mud prints while driving a wet mud track
  4. Forests and hunting reserves are also off-limits as they are usually privately owned.
  5. Drive slowly in small groups and do not litter.
  6. Do not attempt water crossings unless you are sure it is official.
  7. Europe and India promise exciting off-roading drives but it is always best to contact a private off-road club for a safe ride.
  8. So it’s always best to get in touch with a Jeep Compass Dealer for plans on Jeep Trails, their off-roading club.

Iconic Jeep Compass Standing On The Sides of The Waterfall In Forest.

Off-roading in Iceland

  1. Iceland with its extreme climate is probably one of the most fascinating places on earth for off-roading.
  2. It promises one of the best off-roading experiences with heaving boulders, rugged terrains, broken mountains and lush green valleys which can take your breath away in a whiff.
  3. Iceland is the go-to place for extreme driving because timidity is a work not found in their vocabulary of off-roading.

Mexico-The Treasure Chest Of Trails

  1. Oaxaca is a spectacular city which houses the Mayan and Aztec ruins. It is a tranquil place with a tropical valley and rain forest mountains whose roads are paved.
  2. Huautla, situated in the mountains, has very narrow roads which are unpaved.
  3. The best way to off-road in Mexico is to use a buddy-system before attempting your adventure.
  4. Getting stuck on the side of a road in a rainforest with primitive roads are very common.
  5. So without a buddy vehicle or a winch, you will have to wait for assistance for the next vehicle, meanwhile, the locals will offer soda and native food items for sale and watch the spectacle of you freeing yourself from the ditch.
  6. Mexico is an extremely beautiful region which offers one of the most amazing off-road experiences where the past meets the present.
  7. Here the ancient cultures collide with the modern sophistication, forests run deep into tranquil lagoons, desert plateaus laze in the sun and people living in the shadows of crumbling pyramids believe in magic.

All that being said, when you are travelling to faraway secluded places, the one inevitable thing is to pack your vehicle properly. Plan the trip with your Jeep Compass Dealer so that the experts there make sure you have a safe and unforgettable off-roading experience.

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