Want to experience nature from close quarters, walk in the white sands, take a dip in the cool ocean, it is time to indulge in some extreme adventure travel that can leave your heart thumping. Try cliffhanging, thrilling helicopter trips, sea kayaking, explore the coral reefs, safari and more to give you all the exciting you were craving for. Here are some adventure destinations that can sweep you off your feet.

Washington State – San Juan Island
Do you love sea kayaking; the capital of United States is the place to be. San Juan Islands in the Washington state is ideal for wildlife lovers and to paddle around. The water here at San Juan, Orcas Islands and Lopez is the right blend of bay and ocean. It is easy to drive from one island to another on the Kayak. Roche Harbor located on the northern part of San Juan island is suitable for best kayaking. It is here that Roche Harbor Resort is located. The paddlers start from Henry Island right into the Strait of Juan de Fuca moving to the western end of San Juan island right to Lime Kiln Point State Park.

If you love whale watching then May to October is the right time. It is during this time that whale population patrols the ocean. Federal legislation asks the kayakers to stay 50 feet off the pods.

French Polynesia – Bora Bora
The Bora Bora mountains is for those who love road driving. It is here you can find Tapuna Safari treks found in the old Range Rovers. While you relax and let them drive, you can enjoy the spectacular view. You can start trekking from the dock located at Vaitape, a small town. Here there are affordable hotels available offering you a pleasant stay. From here you can move up north to the town of Faanui and then take a turn to the inlands and move up the mountains. The uphill drive is steep and rutted, passenger are advised to hold the vehicles overhear bar to prevent slide to the rear of the truck. Almost all roads lead to the WW II radar station located on Popotei Ridge. The lagoon is rich blue with sailboats in the background giving a picturesque feel. The island has rich supply of fresh coconuts, bananas and lady fingers.

Portugal – Sao Miguel Island
After all physical adventure is an appetizer. So, when it is time to for some treat plunge into the eating adventure. Gastronomy is a serious business in Sao Miguel. Located in the mid-Atlantic volcanic island chain, Sao Miguel is densely populated and has a string of popular restaurants churning out gastronomical treats. Some of the mouth-watering dishes include caldo azedo, a soup variety and torresmos em molho de figado, a bacon and liver sauce dish is famous in this region. This can be found in the Ponta Delgada, one of the biggest town in the island. Cozido, a meat and vegetable stew buried in the soil is another must try dish. The stew is prepared using the natural volcanic heat making it unique to the region. Tea is the indigenous beverage of the Sao Miguel as the industry came into existence in the further part of the 19th century. The art of preparing tea was taught by two Chinese explorers. Do not miss out on the Gorreana Tea Factory located close to the old Chapel of Senhora de Resgate.

Ideally located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldive Islands is home to some of the ancient volcanoes. The landmasses are submerged in the water and scuba divers are in for a treat under the water surface. There are number of resorts that support diving instructions and there are over 70 dive sites in the island alone. The North Male Atoll comes with exquisite diving destinations supported by dense aquatic life. Some of the spot that can tingle your adventurous spirits include Vaadhoo Channel located in Lion’s Head, a place that generates tidal flow attracting sharks, ray fish among other fish species. You can also find the remains of a cargo ship close to Hulhule Airport. The place is home to groupers, jackfish, turtles and fusiliers. Do not miss out on the corals. There are over 50 species of corals that leaves an impeccable mark in your memory.

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