View of wonderful area of a spa resort landscaped gardens, turquoise pools & beach, best massage & Spa Centre.

View of wonderful area of a spa resort landscaped gardens, turquoise pools & beach, best massage & Spa Centre.

Wellness Retreat At Spa

If you are bored up with your routine lifestyle, you need to consider taking a break. It is best to relax by opting a wellness retreat. There are several destinations that are famous for spa treatments around the world.

Be it your honeymoon trip, bachelor trip, family vacation or a corporate trip, a spa or wellness retreat gives you an ultimate relaxed feeling. Riverday Spa is the leading salon and spa service provider in Chennai. The manager of Riverday Spa suggests experiencing Ayurvedic massage therapy services offered by top professionals. Moreover, he adds that massage services are perfect for relaxation especially while traveling or going on a long trip.

Spa Destinations In The World

Macro close up portrait of young woman at ayurvedic massage session with aromatic oil dripping on face.Kerala, India

Kerala is one of the most popular spa destinations not in India but also in the world. If you want to enjoy an authentic ayurvedic spa treatment, you need to step into a popular spa and massage centre in Kerala. The majority of spa centres in Kerala provide Ayurveda massage treatments along with yoga training. Some of the hotels that provide excellent spa experience in Kerala are The Ideal Ayurveda Resort (Kovalam) and The Vivanta by Taj (Kumarakom).


Turkey is popular for wide types of spa treatments from major Istanbul to central region Cappadocia. If you want to indulge in spa treatments and relaxing therapies, you need to visit the Cappadocia Cave Hotels. During your Istanbul trip, visit one of the luxury hotels located beside the Bosphorus River to enjoy the best spa services. An ultimate place in Istanbul where you can pamper yourself is the Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel. Turkish Bath or Famous Hammam is one of the must things to experience as part of spa treatment in Istanbul.


Ubud in Bali is one of the top spa places in the world. It is mainly popular because of the unique jungle resorts and spas. The Ayung Spa by the Hotel Hanging Gardens is set up in a picturesque location and offers a large range of Women Getting Massage in Bali Spa - Indonesiarelaxing spa packages. If possible, you can also visit Ubud Village Resort and Spa that faces luxuriant tropical gardens and terraced paddy fields. Moreover, the Kama Karana Spa provides several traditional relaxation spa therapies and also has modern amenities like a salon, Jacuzzi, sauna, etc.


Budapest is popularly referred to as Spa Hub of the World since it resides several thermal springs. During medieval times, the Romans has constructed several private and public baths all over the city. Today, the city has modern spa values but in a traditional ambiance. Thermal Spa and Racz Hotel has an inspiring 16th-century bath which offers tribute to the traditional hot springs around this site. One of the budget-friendly and best spa in Budapest is the Danubius Health Spa and Resort. To find out more on Best Spa Destinations, check out here!


Thailand is a fabulous country that is always connected with various kinds of spa treatments. It has numerous spa resorts for all budgets. It is recommended to enjoy a spa treatment at Phuket since it has several top-end hotels. It is popularly appreciated as the relaxation center of the famous and rich crowds. You can also try urbane and chic spa services at Balance Spa by the Cape Sienna Hotels and Villas. The therapy rooms are set facing the blue azure ocean and provides several indulgent packages. If you have not experienced traditional Thai massage in your life, you need to definitely try in Bangkok- Wat Po Thai Massage School that is located near Wat Pho. It is popular as it offers theWoman Meditating in a yoga pose - Rishikesh Spa most relaxing and also budget friendly massages in Thailand.


Enjoying a spa holiday in one of the resorts located at calm Himalayan foothills is the best experience which cannot be ignored. Visit Ananda Resort in the Himalayas to enjoy a refreshing massage treatment during your Rishikesh trip. This resort occupies more than 100 acres of land in Narendra Nagar which is a magnificent fortress of Tehri Garhwal Maharaja. It is located at a distance of 18 Km from Rishikesh. Ensure to participate in the meditation class or enjoy one of their lavish stress management packages. You can also take part in the Hatha Yoga sessions. Several worldwide publications have voted Ananda as one of the top spa destinations in the world numerous times. It is most visited by popular personalities.

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