Welcome to www.sunsetcovelittlecayman.com!

This website has been created to give you all the information you need to visit the Sunset Cove on one of the most gorgeous islands in the Caribbean. We have plenty of activities for the entire family ranging from kite flying, beach volleyball, snorkeling, and plenty of other water activities.

The beaches are void of any people, giving you plenty of privacy with your friends or family. Our local cuisine is also one of a kind. If you love cooking, we can also set you u with some cooking lessons of local dishes by the sea to get your feet into the real tropical life.

Sunset Cove is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives. Find yourself a hammock on the beach and read those books that have been piling upon your bedside for years. You will find yourself rejuvenated after a short stay at the Sunset Cove. In fact, many of our clients always come back after they have enjoyed the hospitality and the beauty that this spectacular Caribbean Island offers them. We also have a wide range of activities for the kids to indulge in while their parents have a little fun unwinding. We have swimming coaches to help young kids learn to swim in the resort pool. Once they have the hang of it, you can even take them along snorkeling and enjoy their surprised faces on seeing the vibrant underwater life for the first time. If you are lucky enough, you might even get to swim with a turtle or two! Call and book your rooms today!