Little Cayman is a beautiful island that is a part of the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The Little Cayman Island is the smallest of this group of islands with just 40 feet in elevation. The undeveloped coastline on the Island is made of striking lagoons, secluded beaches, mangrove trees and salt ponds. Sunset Cove is set right in the middle of this spectacular Island, giving you a chance to delve right into the very midst of the beauty of nature.

A lack of visitors till recent times gave Little Cayman a chance to flourish turn into a beautiful island filled with wildlife, marine life and reefs. Interestingly there are more iguanas on the island than actual residents. There are even boards put up along the coast road warning motorists of iguanas.

Adventure Travel
If you are looking for an adventure, you have come to the right place. The staff at Sunset Cove can arrange plenty of water and land activities for the wild side in you. Kayaking and paddling are the most popular water sports on the island. It gives you a chance to get close to nature as you paddle through rushing torrents of water. The adrenaline rush from these activities will have you coming back for more in no time. There are also plenty of diving sites around the island. You can observe marine life underwater even if you don’t know swimming. Our instructors will train you in the basics of training wand will guide you through the whole process. So don a diving suit and get ready to meet some spectacular marine life.

Gift Shop
Get ready to indulge in some unique giftware and souvenirs from the Sunset Cove’s gift shop. We offer plenty of island craft that you can take back home to relive the memories of this beautiful trip. We also offer plenty of sun products in case you haven’t brought your sunscreen along.

Spa Services
If you are planning to have a relaxed trip and indulge in some precious me time, our spa services are the answer. With the deep relaxing massages with organic body scrubs, you will soon be glowing from tip to toe and ready to take on any adventure in your way. Our experienced staff offers different types of massages ranging from body wraps, back treatments, nature facial and so on. Book your appointment today and sit back and relax.

Vacation Homes
If you are planning one spending more than a weekend at the spectacular Little Cayman Island, you can rent a vacation home at nominal rates and enjoy the sunset right from your front room. This gives you a chance to soak in the Island life and become a part of the culture. Once you experience the relaxed life on the Island, you just might cancel your return ticket!